Weekly Lunch Prep leads to 5 lunches and 1 Delicious Dinner

Every week I resolve, yes another food resolution, to prep healthy and diverse lunches for me and my husband. Lunch is the most challenging meal of the day for me. It needs to be delicious, healthy, varied and of course portable.

So this week I am testing the Bon Appetit Healthyish 2019 Feel Good Food Plan for lunches. I prepped all 5 recipes plus some lentils and buckwheat on Sunday. It kept me busy for a couple of hours. The big test will be to see how easy it is to repurpose all of the individual items into various lunches that are both portable and easy to consume in an office environment.

All of the individual recipes tasted great and my fridge is full of components. So far so good.

But it was getting late and I needed to start dinner. Instead of starting another cooking project I decided to use some of the components to make a quick dinner. I had some steaks in the fridge so i prepared these in a pan with oil and butter. I removed the steaks from the pan to rest and used the same pan with all of the yummy meat juices I fried a large spoonful each of the chickpeas, buckwheat, beluga lentils, roasted veg and sweet potatoes that were in the fridge waiting to be used for lunches. Finally, I threw in some spinach for the last minute of cooking and drizzled with a little of the Just Basic Enough Vinaigrette that I had already prepped and dinner was ready and I have to say it was delicious.

The first day of my lunch challenge turned into a delicious quick and easy weeknight meal. I am loving it and will definitely add this to my repertoire.

Back to the Lunch Challenge……

Before going to bed last night I used the components in the fridge to create a mason jar salad and mixed in some leftover fresh spinach for freshness. I added some strips of smoked chicken for my husband who is not quite on board the vegetarian train yet. It was an awesome lunch, packed with vegetables and textures and of course portable.

Creating exciting and feasible portable lunch strategies is one of my food resolutions for 2019. If you have or have read a great strategy which is healthy, delicious, varied and portable share them below in the comments or on Facebook. I am looking for inspiration. What lunch strategies have got you enthusiastic for lunch prep?

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