2019 Food Resolutions

Every year comes with its own reflections and intentions for the future.. For me that means reflecting on my food journey and getting ready for my next food adventure and determining my food resolution.

My 2019 food resolution is to create a space online where I can share my enthusiasm for food with others. The ultimate goal is to connect with others with a similar passion, share my experiences and hopefully inspire others to share theirs me.

This year I am committing to do more than just eat. 2019 is the year I commit to learning new skills, exploring new cuisines, techniques and trends. My food resolution is to get excited about food and ignite the food enthusiast within. I hope you join me on my journey and share yours with me.

To start with I would love to hear about your 2019 food resolutions. Will you learn how to bake bread, change your diet, try something new?

New year food resolutions
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