Accidental Moldovan Wine Enthusiast

I accidentally stumbled on a great Moldovan Pinot Noir at an amazing price point.

My Moldovan wine epiphany was completely unintended. I was watching Jack Whitehall’s travels with my father which includes a trip to Moldova’s Mileștii Mici winery(“episode 3” Travels with my Father, season 2, episode 3, Netflix, 28 Sep. 2018. Netflix

I had never heard of Mileștii Mici but to my surprise, it has one of the largest wine cellars in the world. So I did a little research and indeed it was awarded a Guinness Book of Records title in 2005 for the Largest Wine Cellar by Number of Bottles.

Intrigued but certain that it was not the type of wine I would have easy access to, my brain stored it away as an interesting fact and I otherwise i forgot about Moldovan wine. Until a couple of weeks later when I asked a small local “slijterij” (Dutch word for liquor store) to recommend a pinot noir.  He immediately grabbed a bottle from the shelf and said this is one of my best-selling pinot noirs. As I glanced at the unfamiliar label and language my eyes were drawn to the small text  “fabricat in Moldova” and then at the price tag….6.95.  It was meant to be, I must try it.

It is safe to say that I am in love with 2017 Salcuta Pinot Noir from Moldova.

I went back to the little shop to stock my shelves. It is not exactly comparable to the French Pinot Noirs I am used to tasting but it is enjoyable with a meal, a great price point, and slightly dryer than the average pinot noir with notes of tart berries. This Pinot Noir has piqued my interest and I am enthusiastic to try more Moldovan wines and do some more research.

Where can I find more of these Moldovan wines? If you have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below or share your ideas on Facebook.

Moldovan Pinot Noir Salcuta 2017
Moldovan Pinot Noir Salcuta 2017

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